As a scholar of poetry and prose, I am proficient in both Persian and English languages. A creative writer, an artist, a translator and an independent researcher, my research is mostly focused on female writers and poets and on symbolism in writings of Iranian women. I have two compilations of short stories in Persian, and am currently at work on a novel in Persian as well as a collection of short stories in English.

I teach Professional Writing Workshop at San Jose State University, and conduct creative writing workshops in the South Bay. A lecturer at Northwestern Polytechnic University, I also teach career development classes as well as humanities courses--art appreciation, introduction to philosophy, and principles of ethics. 

I am the co-founder of San Jose City College Middle Eastern Heritage Month and Red Chair Writing Workshop. I was the director of the Association of Iranian American Writers up to its cessation, and am one of the three jurists for the No to Censorship Contest by Siamak Pourzand Foundation. 

Professional Affiliations

Pars Equality Center

Family Alliance for Counseling Tools & Resolution

Association of Iranian American Writers

International Society for Iranian Studies

Ferdowsi Cultural Society of Northern California

Kavosh Women Group

Golden Key National Honor Society

National Dean’s List

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